Water Damage Repair Process

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Step 1: Call AZ Dry Guys

We know neither mother nature nor busted plumbing waits for a convenient time to strike. Emergency restoration services are an emergency for a reason, and time is of the essence. That is why we are available for your call 24/7 365.

Step 2: Prompt Arrival

We cannot stress enough the importance of time in these situations. We know how important a prompt reply is, so we will arrive to your location as soon as humanly possible. When it comes to water damage restoration, the quicker we get started the better. Since water can crawl through your walls and flooring, the longer it is allowed to sit the more damage it can potentially do.

Step 3: Water Extraction

Obviously removing the water from your property as quickly as possible is our goal, as each second can lead to more potential property damage. We use state of the art water removal equipment. All of our technicians are equipped with truck mounted as well as portable water removal equipment. We can handle any size job. Once the water is removed we can use infrared technology to assess the level of water saturation.

Arizona Water Damage Repair Process
Arizona Water Damage Repair Process
Arizona Water Damage Repair Process

Step 4: Use the Best Moisture Drying Equipment

The importance of using the best water drying equipment available cannot be overstated. We understand how important your property is to you, and we make sure we are well equipped to restore it to the way it ways. Using the proper equipment also allows us to reduce any additional damage that might occur as a result of faulty equipment.

Step 5: Disinfection & Deodorization

This is a step that you might not think about as a homeowner, but water damage can lead to mold damage as well. The disinfecting and deodorizing properly is a very important step in the damage restoration process. It is not just about removing foul odor, but about protecting you against health hazards like black mold.

Arizona Water Damage Repair

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