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Assessment of Water Damage

The technicians here at AZ Dry Guys are equipped with high tech moisture and water detection equipment for use in any situation. Our tools identify exactly where the water is, how much of it there is, and then our expert technicians put their years of experience to the test by deciding the best way to remove and restore the water damage. As soon as the water location is assessed, we begin the extraction and remediation process.

Your Arizona Water Damage Repair Experts

As soon as the assessment is complete, it is time to remove all of the standing water in the home or office. With a high powered truck mounted extraction machine, our technician will completely remove any and all water that can lead to potential water damage and mold. When we come across an apartment complex or a building with multiple stories, we use portable extraction machines to get the job done.

Arizona Water Damage Repair

Area & Property Drying

After excessive water damage occurs, it is essential to completely dry the property. This prevents further water damage, structural damage, and mold from spreading. We use a multitude of tools and equipment to ensure that everything in the building is dry before beginning the water damage restoration process. With our powerful dehumidifying and specialized drying equipment, Dry Guys technicians can handle any sized water damage situation.

Complete Water Damage Restoration

As soon as all of the water is removed from the property, our technicians can begin the water damage restoration process. As soon as a course of action is determined, you will be notified of the expected completion time and the severity of the damage. Our technicians work day and night to ensure that any and all of your water damage problems are solved as soon as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and extraction to every city in Arizona.

Complete Documentation of Incident

You will receive a complete list of all work completed, the costs to your insurance, and exactly what was restored. You will also receive all of the information on what was no salvageable, and what you will need to claim through your insurance policy.

Arizona Water Damage Repair

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