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Florence Damage Restoration

The majority of business managers and homeowners have never needed professional restoration services before for a property that has been damaged by water, fire or mold and don’t have a clue how specialized each cleaning procedure is. The best restoration services company to employ is one that provides a wide array of cleaning and repair procedures in order to get all of the issues repaired in no time.

Here are the assorted services that we currently offer:

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is much more common than most people think. Obviously flooding can cause water damage, but also plumbing leaks and something as simple as a sink overflow can lead to substantial property damage. If you wish to prevent further damage and even mold, water damage should be dealt with quickly. We can handle all your water damage issues.

To avoid devastating water damage to the interior of your home, the water needs to be removed immediately.

The AZ Dry Guys restoration team can be there within 1-2 hours to start draining the water immediately, saving you from the most severe water damage. While we are well versed in all aspect of damage restoration, water damage is our main focus. We are 100% licensed, certified, and prepared to handle any job nature throws their way.

Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage has a devastating impact on your property and your life. We come quickly to prevent further damage and to start saving what can be saved and begin the cleanup. We provide the full range of services to get your place cleaned out and back to where it was before.

Our fire damage restoration services include demolition and cleanup, deodorization of fire and soot odors, smoke cleanup and repair.

We work with your insurance company to deal with your damages and help you avoid any out of pocket expenses. Contact AZ Dry Guys now for a free no obligation quote for your fire or smoke damage. We offer 24 hour emergency service, to don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time.

Mold Remediation

We know that mold can cause damage to your property, but more importantly it can cause damage to your health. If not dealt with, exposure to mold can cause long-term illness and even lead to death. People at high risk who breathe mold spores can suffer from mold exposure illnesses, with symptoms such as dizziness, respiratory problems, fatigue, headaches and other flu-like symptoms.

Sometimes mold spores and damage can only be detected by experts who know how to identify molding areas as well as gauge the amount of damage or potential risk. Areas of contamination can also be isolated and lab-tested for your peace of mind.